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What's Knew, Jonathon Hornedo


What's Knew is Jonathon Hornedo's debut art album of 12 paintings. The contents contain individual prints and a code to access official high resolution digital files, and a link to an ambient electronic composition called SCORE by artist/musician Christy Robert Berkowitz which was made as a soundtrack to the paintings. Permission is granted to the user of the album to print from the digital files, project, frame, and exhibit the contents in any manner and context (a gallery, kids room, hospitals, weddings, calendars, posters, prison cells etc.).

On January 14, 2016 Hornedo flew in from London to LAX, as though on "tour", then arrived at Pretend Gallery shortly after 6pm dragging his luggage down the stairs with a backpack over a shoulder and his footsteps thudding like a wounded monster all tired and haggered and then emerged from behind a white curtain to face a crowded, dimly lit gallery with Berkowitz's SCORE in the background. The vibe was chill and there was beer and someone brought hashish and the night fizzled out around 2am.

Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 7 3/4"

Jonathon Hornedo received a BA from UCLA in 2010. Born in Long Beach, CA in 1982. He lives and works in Los Angeles.